Only 25% of people sitting the theory test pass first time.

If you are struggling with you UK theory test - I can help.

Just book a 1-2-1, or video call with me and I will show you how:

To study properly for the Theory Test

To ensure that you give yourself the best chance in the hazard perception

The Theory Test is often the hardest part of learning to drive, and for many just 1 simple session with me is all they need.

If you don't pass after a session with me the next one is absolutely FREE!

This costs £20 for an hour.

For some this is a bit too for Just £5 per month
I run a Facebook group - Each day you get a 10 min video where go into one aspect of the Theory Test, you also get to ask Q&A in the group and exclusive online content all aimed at helping you pass your test.

Details can be found here