From September 2020

Notice to all students: From September 2020 I will be studying wed/thr/fri in Cardiff to become a full time priest (in 2022) 
This does not mean I am giving up lessons - however I will only be working part time - my aim is to support those of you that I current have on my books through to your test. 

If you have prepaid - please do not panic - I will honour all of those lessons that have been prepaid, however, I will not be accepting any further prepayments - everything will be pay on the day. 

Given the current situation with the Coronavirus I am suspending all terms and conditions with immediate effect - that means that the 48hr notice period no longer remains if you or I need to cancel a lesson - this is for yours and my safety - as I don't want someone turning up to lessons with symptoms for fear that if they don't they will get charged. 

Test Information Post Lockdown

I wanted to share some important information regards my thoughts on Tests after lockdown, Specifically for Brecon Test centre.Brecon has usually one examiner working 3 or 4 days per week it is run as a satellite centre by Abergavenny. Roughly speaking that is 98 Tests per month. 

Tests have been cancelled for 8 weeks so far and I expect at least for a further 4 weeks. So we are looking at a backlog of nearly 300 tests. 

Realistically for a brand new learner just turned 17, it is unlikely that once lockdown is finished that you will get a test in Brecon in 2020 because of this backlog and the fact that Llandod Test centre is closing in June with many of those tests coming to Brecon.

There are only so many examiners and other Test Centres will be in the same situations - it will take at least a year to get test back to their usual pace which in Brecon wasn't brilliant anyway at 8-10 weeks waiting time.

The biggest block for most people is getting the theory test passed. Most people start their driving with an instructor and then take their theory test, however, this means that in some instances I can get people to test standard BEFORE they have passed their theory and we have to keep having lessons while we wait for them to pass. 

My suggestion is that you get studying for your theory - this will give you the VERY best chance of passing your Practical test quickly as we cannot book your Practical without your theory. 

I'm hosting a Zoom training session on the Theory Test - on WEDNESDAY 20th May at 6.30pm email to book your place - The cost is just £5

Lockdown Checklist
  • Provisional Licence
  • Get the Highway Code
  • Get Reading!
  • Study Theory Test
  • Book on Zoom

9th May 2020 - Post Lockdown Plan

Learner safety if extremely important to me on the road. However during coronavirus infection control is now just as important as road safety.

In order to ensure safety I have implemented the following procedures: 
  • Contactless payment - no cash with extra risk of infection.
  • Car is cleaned between lessons - reduce the risk of cross contamination.
  • Temp check - Each learner has a no-contact temperature check before each lesson.
  • Gloves - Each learner is offered gloves before each lesson.
  • Seat cover - Drivers side has a beaded seat cover - this allows easy cleaning between lessons.
  • Learners asked not to bring bags/coats - if required these will be stored in the boot.
These processes along with all other Government safety procedures will be implemented when we are to deliver lessons. 
Safety First.

23rd April 2020 - Covid - 19 Lockdown

We all know that Lockdown is an issue. While the government has said lockdown is for a further 3 weeks it is not clear when we will come out of lockdown.

But when we do come back I wanted to let you know how I plan to prioritise lessons.

It is important to priorities those with tests booked.

Lessons will be offered in the following ways:
1 - Those with Tests booked.
2 - Those with prepaid lessons.
3 - Those who have passed theory tests.

As soon as we have a clear idea when we will come out of lockdown I will be in touch. 

Meanwhile if you can ensure you've added your theory test details to the MyDriveTime app. 
Those that need some help with the Theory Test - I run a facebook group to help you, there is a small charge of £5.  THEORY TEST FACEBOOK GROUP 

Also I am holding a ZOOM Theory test Q&A Details found

When lessons restart I will abide by all guidelines set but the government regarding cleaning etc.