Struggling with your Theory Test?

I've help many people to get through the theory test. 
For many they find that it's more difficult than driving.

I normally charge £29.99 for 45 mins, for Jan/Feb/March I'm offering just £25.99

5 top tips for passing your theory test
1 - Read the highway code.
2 - Practice online hazard perception test.
3 - Take time to revise properly. 
4 - Be sure you know where the test centre is.
5 - Take your time in the test and read the questions carefully.

For years I've been offering 1-2-1 help for people who struggle with the theory test, as a dyslexic I also struggle. I now offer 1-2-1 coaching over the phone/skype/Facebook and will show you some hacks to get you through the test. 

Call/Text/Whatsapp 07739474327 to book your call now.